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· Company strength
      Our company is one of the biggest company which specializes in producing the "WeiTai" brand series of products including Weitai brand curtain wall aluminum panel, beehive aluminum pales, metal ceilings, aluminum ceilings, stripe panel, grids, screen suspended ceilings, sound-absorption board, aluminum alloy keel, T,U keel with lacquer-coated keel, light steel keel etc..
      Our company plays an important role in building materials. We have advanced mechanical equipments, automatic static spraying system of Swiss Golden Horse, as well as the first-class skilled personnel in the field. Now, it is one of the most famous factories in the decoration materials field.

· Products advantage
      The "WeiTai" brand decoration products introduce into the advanced products shaping craft, advanced equipments, and advanced technology, which make the products install convenient, elegant in appearance, environmental protection, durability, diversified colors, trustworthy, fireproofing and fashionable in style.
      The "WeiTai" brand products are tested by State Bureau of Building Materials Industry quality monitoring center, every technical indication reaches the national standards, and is appointed for "New products of New Technology Engineering Construction Products" by China Construction Industry Association, and also we have ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.

· Complete customer's service system
      Our agents spread our country, so it’s easy for us to take the prompt response and provide prompt service to different customers. In order to provide the best service, we write down each customer’s demands and specials in to the relevant files during the process of selling and serving. Our company has set up a set of service regulations, quality control and customer complaint system as well. We provide the best after-sale service in time according to the customer’s feedback.


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